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2021 Beginning of the Year Update

It's Good Friday today! Thank you, Jesus, for your obedience to the Father and your death on the cross! I thought I would celebrate by taking a look at what God has accomplished with ACTION Zambia so far this year. Because of COVID it's been a bit confusing how to go about ministry, but we have managed. We wanted to put a little Bible club meeting together for the kids of all of our staff at Ciyanjano. That was fun! Our church finally re-opened in-person service so we were happy to get back to church. Lusaka Community Church has also welcomed our new pastor and his family, and it has been a pleasure to get to know them a little bit and have Pastor Chad start preaching on Sundays. Looking forward to Easter service!! Our truck had a little mishap. Please pray that it could be fixed up good as new. We really use the Landcruiser a LOT. We were able to re-connect with the Kakoshi kids who used to stay with us. It was really nice to hang out and fill them up with macaroni. Everyone i

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