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Let's Start Catching Up in Pictures (Schools and the Church, calling all missionaries)

It's been a tremendously busy season for our family and the ACTION Zambia family. I have multiple blog posts to put together to highlight the work here and what God is doing in our family and ministry. Somehow we haven't posted since June and A LOT has happened in a few months and we want to share our excitement, concerns and hopes and dreams.

Since our last post we hosted a Beau and Mim Ellison from California who helped us do two school outreaches that really challenged us and our Champs youth. ACTION Zambia has historically worked with churches that run schools in their communities. These church-run community schools teach the national school curriculum usually at a more affordable cost than the "free" government schools. It's not just that many community schools are cheaper, they are more available because the government simply has no ability to train enough teacher, build enough schools and create enough curriculum for a country with millions of children who…

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