Wednesday, June 21, 2017

What changes when you have nine kids in the house?

Okay folks. We have said over and over again that 5 kids is enough. And it is. Seriously, five is enough. So (despite the pix of kids that flood Kelly's Facebook page) we aren't adopting more kids. But, recently we decided to take in four siblings that we have known through our Wednesday Bible Club for many years. These kids have family in our community and they spend the weekend with them. But from Sunday afternoon to Friday afternoon, we are feeding them and helping them with homework, telling them to brush their teeth, etc. It turns out that a lot actually changes from 5 kids to 9 kids, especially with teenagers in the house:

1.  The toilets are not clean... ever.
2.  There is always something on the floor that doesn't belong there. Sometimes it's dirty underpants.
3.  The toothpaste lid is never on and sometimes it's on the floor next to the toilet.
4.  The really big pot is always on the stovetop and sometimes the crockpot is on, too.
5.  Books are not really in piles or rows anymore.
6.  I can hear a song playing on repeat really loudly, even though the person is wearing headphones.
7. When someone is hurt and starts crying, I can't tell which kid it is anymore.
8.  Laundry is not a chore; it's a way of life.
9.  Our 8-seater Toyota seems like a Mini Cooper.
10.  Someone is always injured or sick, or pretending to be injured or sick.

I actually could go on and on, but it would just get either too personal or too depressing... just kidding! It's great. We love the kids. Pillow-fighting has become beyond epic in this house. Please pray that the walls don't fall down around us. And please pray that Kelly and I can be very shiny lights for Jesus, even in our pajamas at 5:30 in the morning...

It is a lot more difficult to get a good picture of the "whole" family now. Here is an out-take!

Monday, March 27, 2017

Prayer for 2017

Now that first term is wrapping up soon, we have a very solid ministry schedule going at Ciyanjano and we have been able to get a good idea of what programs will look like for the rest of the year. Please pray along with us:

Monday:  Kelly leads men's Bible study. Tricia leads ladies' Bible study at our home. Please pray that our staff and visitors would be regular participants and gain a deeper understanding of God's Word and a deeper love for the Word. Pray that we would be good leaders and that the Holy Spirit would work powerfully.

Tuesday:  ACTION Zambia Staff meetings every other week. Holly leads Tuesday Bible Club with Alum Champs Happy, Rogers, Abraham, Josephine, and Judy. Please pray for God's will to be done in AZ ministries and especially at Ciyanjano. Pray for strong faith for the Tuesday kids.

Wednesday:  Kelly and Holly lead children's ministry meetings and devotionals with our leaders. Holly and leaders get it done at Wednesday Bible Club. Please pray for God to continue to bless our leaders and all the Wednesday kids. Pray that Bible Club kids can be lights for Jesus in this community.

Thursday:  Kelly leads new Champs group in the morning along with Holly, Josephine and Happy. Pray that God would take these Champs deeper into his Word and love. Also pray that these new Champs would be sensitive to the Lord's calling - are they being called into children's ministry? Our children's leaders the lead our Teen Bible studies Thursday evening. Please pray for this large group of teen boys and even larger group of teen girls to make sincere commitments to Jesus and learn what it means to have a close relationship to Christ. Also pray that they would pursue holiness and be witnesses to this community.

Friday:  Usually different church groups arrive for retreats or camps. Please pray that each and every camp that comes to Ciyanjano would be preaching and teaching the true word of God only! And that all worship and teaching would be glorifying to God. Pray for people to come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. Pray that Ciyanjano would be a peaceful and comfortable place for them.

Friday is also a day where our children's ministry leaders do home visits to kids and teens from the clubs. Please pray that these visits would be a blessing to kids and their families.

Saturday:  Football club meets for football and devotions. Pray for blessing on the leaders and that this would be an effective outreach. Pray that all the boys would come to know the Lord as their personal Saviour.  

Sunday:  Often camps are leaving on Sundays. Please pray that people can bring new life and truth from God's Word into their daily lives each day. Pray that people are refreshed and committed to God's will for their lives. Also pray for our staff to enjoy a Sabbath rest and to be ready for this new week. And please continue to pray for the safety of our staff here at Ciyanjano and around the city.

Thank you so much for your prayers! In April during the school break we will also be having a number of extra programs, including opportunities for Bible Club kids and Bible study teens to go out into the community in teams to share the gospel. Please pray that they would really shine for the Lord and that many people would hear the good news that Jesus has paid the price for our sins and defeated death for our sakes. Amen!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Roast or Boast

Today is Kelly Huckaby's birthday! Because Kelly has such a great sense of humor, I (Tricia) often tease  or "roast" him instead of boasting. He is an easy target. But today as I thought about Kelly, well, I just HAVE to take some time to boast in the Lord and to boast about what the Lord has done in my husband over these years.

When Kelly and I were married, he was definitely a "good" guy. But since making the decision to give his life to Jesus Christ in 2002, I have had a front row seat in watching the Lord transform him from a pretty "good" guy into a godly man. I just have to praise God and thank him for his great mercy in bringing Kelly to himself about a year after he saved me. I just can't imagine the life we would have led if Kelly had never come to the Lord. Thank you, Jesus! You are so merciful and kind!

Kelly amazes me in the way he cares for vulnerable people, especially children. He is really full of compassion and a ready desire to serve people. I watch him daily set aside his own wants to help others... people who really do need a helping hand.

Kelly is also a wonderful and thoughtful teacher and shepherd. I love the way he pours himself into discipling the young people around Ciyanjano, and the way he has truly loved our staff. He invests himself without fear of not having enough time, love, money, or whatever. He is trusting in our Lord.

He is a safe person for anyone to talk with no matter their background, current situation, religious beliefs, political standing, whatever... He really is just such a super wonderful person!!! I know you guys agree, right?!

Anyway, I could go on and on and on... Happy Birthday, Kelly! May the Lord continue to build you up in knowledge, faith, character, and action. You are such a blessing to us all and especially ME!!!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Dec 2016, Jan & Feb 2017

Since arriving back in Lusaka we have been taking time to settle back into life here (fighting termites, weeding gardens, eating nsima) and diving into ministry. Here is a quick look at what has been going on for the Huckaby family and Ciyanjano:

Bible Club is always one of our favorite things in the whole wide world. In December we hosted kids for an open house at our place and then in January we started Tuesday and Wednesday Bible Clubs up again. We are hoping to start a new Bible Club mid-year.

During the Christmas season we had a fabulous time catching up with our Champs and friends around Kasupe and in the city.

We even made new friends, hosting two high school-age teens.

We've enjoyed spending time with many ministry partners.

In January it was quite a project getting the kids all ready for school. They are now attending a small, private Zambian school out about 30 minutes from our place. They are loving it, and Tricia is loving a break from home school.

We have had a marvelous rainy season (God is SO good!) and we have done a bit of landscaping work around the front of the property as well as started a large foundation/patio to give us more usable space in the campground. It will have a small stage and flower beds.

In February Tricia hosted the teen girl Bible Study for a sexual abstinence and healthy relationships workshop (and a tasty lunch).

The Huckaby kids have also spent an enormous amount of time eating mangoes, guavas, passionfruit, and avocados over the rainy season. And, they have spent a lot of time playing with friends and being silly (as usual).

2017 is shaping up to be an exciting year here at Ciyanjano. Please remember to pray for our Bible Clubs and Bible Studies, our Champs, our brand new group of Champs starting right now, our mens' and women's Bible studies, our projects around the property, and camps. And most of all, please pray that God's Word would be faithfully taught and that God would be glorified in all that we are doing. 
Thank you!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Thank You, USA!

Just wanted to say "Thank You" so much to all of our churches, family, and friends that have made our home assignment so wonderful. We appreciate you all. We didn't get to see everyone we hoped to see... but we sure saw a LOT of you! And we want to give a special shout-out to Oikos, Communion, Roosevelt, and West Hills churches, and our sister camp, Koinonia, that sought to encourage us in so many ways. And also to Value Village, SimpleBox, and Heritage Portable Buildings that helped so much with our container project.

Please keep us in your prayers today as we make the trip, first to Dubai, and then to Lusaka, Zambia. And please do pray for us as we take up our work again for the glory of the Lord. We are very happy and privileged to begin another term of service to the Zambian church in Jesus' name.

May the Lord bless you and keep you!
Love Kelly & Tricia Huckaby
Ciyanjano Camps

Monday, November 7, 2016

Container Project Update

We are nearing the end of our home assignment and have made exciting progress on our container library project. We have received more than 50 boxes of books for the library, bookshelves, tables & chairs, cushions, and more to organize a great library/tutoring/study space! We are especially thankful to the B'ham Value Village for hooking us up with so many helpful items.

Also, according to October's reports, we have raised $11,000 of the $12,000 or so we need in shipping money. So we are almost there folks! Please consider making a gift to help us reach our shipping goal. It is well worth is to get all these exciting supplies and the container itself to Ciyanjano.

We love Katy, our Usborne rep, who helped us get lots of great Usborne reference books for the library project. 

Sure, it looks messy, but it is full of awesome supplies!

Books, books, Bibles, and more books!

These don't look like much, but when we unload these super big canopy frames and set them up at Ciyanjano Camp they will provide an excellent covered area for groups to use for mealtimes, meetings, or games. Our 40-ft. container allows us to bring large and heavy supplies that we would not ship alone.

This box is one of Tricia's most exciting purchases for Ciyanjano! A super cool mulching machine from Carl's in Ferndale. She is so excited to mulch like crazy at the property. Great soil, here we come!

Check this out Football Club. Our Champs asked for new footballs and we will deliver. Uncle Dustin's church in Olympia donated these great soccer balls for football club!

The container isn't full yet, but that is because we are saving a lot of space for some of the most exciting supplies we are bringing back - we have 3 storage shed kits that we will be loading into the container. Added storage is going to be a huge help around the property!
But that's not all. There are a few more fun surprises in this container, but we don't want to spoil the surprise for our staff. You will have to stay tuned for when the container arrives after the new year and we unload it. It will be like second Christmas at Ciyanjano!!! Thank you to SimpleBox, Koinonia, and all the other folks who have made this possible!!!!

Friday, October 14, 2016

Blow Me Away

This week something happened that I (Tricia) feel compelled to share with all our friends, family, supporters, and readers. Some of you out there think I am pretty crazy, and if that is how you feel then this blog will likely confirm your ideas about me. But if you think I am crazy, then at least think I am crazy for Jesus' sake!

I'll start at the beginning:  Last month my brother was married in San Diego and I was getting my groove on. I don't get out much, ha ha ha. And, let's just say I was getting crazy on the dance floor. All of a sudden, I felt like someone kicked me super hard at the very top of my calf behind my knee and I hit the floor. I have no idea what happened. The pain was so bad I thought I was going to vomit right there and I had to try to really control myself because I didn't want to cry like a baby in front of all of Ron's cool, tough friends.

After icing my knee, one of Ron's friends, Eric, helped me get up and I was able to hold my weight. But, from that point forward my knee kept giving out randomly and I was in a lot of pain in different positions. Up and down stairs, different things.

Most people would go to a doctor. I realize that. But, I was feeling very stubborn about spending a bunch of money on medical stuff after spending a fortune on Ethel's brain worms and a lot of time and worry on Kelly's knee. It just seemed downright stupid that I had hurt my knee and I just started asking the Lord to take it away.

Our friend, Jess, a knowledgeable PA, told me to wear a brace for six weeks if I didn't want to go get an MRI. But I was so stubborn I didn't even want to buy a brace. I started praying that the Lord would just give me one. I am not a good example to follow, I am just being totally honest. Okay, so two weeks later, with my knee getting worse, a very expensive knee brace came my way for free. That made me feel kinda justified in my stubbornness. Over the next two weeks, I wore the brace; my knee just felt worse. And also I was getting depressed.

Finally, I talked to Kelly and said I was ready to get an MRI and deal with whatever the problem was.   This was Monday afternoon. Tuesday morning I sat down with my prayer journal and started praying. I told the Lord that I was sorry for always asking for signs of his love and attention, but that I needed to know he was with me. I needed even more reassurance and more help to trust him. I wrote, "I need you to blow my mind with your love, healing power, and miracles."

Kelly called the doctor and they said they could fit me in that afternoon. As I drove to the doctor's I was worshiping the Lord along with some awesome music and I just started weeping. A wave of relief just totally rushed over me as I worshiped God. I tried to pull myself together to park that beast of a van and find the office in the large complex.

I explained everything to the doctor and he had me get up on the table and stretch out. I was a little nervous because I've heard how these guys can get rough. He asked me to relax my knee and he started manipulating my leg; this way, that way, every which way. NO pain. I said, "That right there should be hurting me." But it wasn't. NO pain. The doctor and I were both rather surprised.

That morning when I woke up:  pain.  That afternoon:  NO pain. I believe the Lord answered my prayer and healed me. I know some of you unbelievers out there think I am nuts. Whatev... God is SO awesome and I am so needy. I need his attention all the time. I need his love all the time. I need his power in my life. I LOVE to see GOD do amazing things and I am going to keep asking him to do amazing things. It is so much fun.

Thank you GOD for your goodness to a little stinker like me! I am sorry for being so stubborn and ridiculous. You are good! You are powerful! You are merciful! Thank you, Jesus!