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ACTION Pastors College Update

The first term for the third year of the current class for ACTION Pastors College begins this week. We are excited for the pastors to complete their studies this year with Pastor Tracy Singleton and many other lecturers. Pastor Tracy has been visiting each term to continue this program while based in the States; at the end of the year we will graduate this class and turn the program over to our Zambian lecturers to begin a new class outside of ACTION Zambia's programs - it's wonderful that the program will continue under Zambia leadership.

We had a great time with Pastor Tracy today and special guest, Pastor John Farren from ACTION UK. We really thank God for the dedication of Pastor Tracy (and wife, Karen) over the years, along with all of the Zambian pastors:  Frederick Bwalya, Cassius Silumande, Wozifera Ngoma, Emile Masabarakiza and more. Please pray for all the pastors as they attend class over the next two weeks. Kelly will be teaching on Friday the 6th about Islam and o…

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