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2020 - Are we done yet?

Hello, family and friends, how are you? We are just fine, thanks. Thought we would do a little check-in before we head into the holiday season.   Some things that we are thankful for as we approach our American holiday of Thanksgiving: 1.  Our God is good all the time. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. 2.  All seven of us are healthy. 3.  We had a huge rain this week that cooled us all down. Oh Merciful Jesus! It was has been so hot this year and we are thankful for every drop of rain. We can see some green grass quickly coming in already. Can you see it? 4.  Our female donkey, Babygirl, gave birth this week to (yes) a baby girl!!! She's absolutely beautiful, soft, fuzzy, and bouncy. She is a dream. We named her Susie. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. 5.  We have three Bible studies for our Champs and one for teen girls all going strong. Super thankful for the chance to keep doing ministry. Ciyanjano has been able to host a couple of small groups and our Reading Room is al

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