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The Ciyanjano Reading Room project has turned out to be all that I imagined. I LOVE IT! Thank you, Jesus! I've always wanted to serve this community with good books and it is such a privilege to have this chance. You know, it is always so mind-blowing to see the way the Lord can take our ideas and dreams and just run off with them! Now my mind is always racing with ways to make this ministry bigger and better, and I think the Lord is one step ahead of me (of course).

The Ciyanjano Reading Room is a free facility, because we want all people to be able to use it. In order to continue to maintain and improve the facility, and pay our attendants, we need to come up with an "income-generation project." So, my (brilliant) idea is to start renting out wedding and formal dresses and a reasonable cost. The proceeds will go to benefit the Ciyanjano Reading Room and hopefully even expand it. You can also donate directly to the Ciyanjano Reading Room project at https://www.actionint…

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