Sunday, March 30, 2014

Bible Club Party

We successfully finished another term of Bible Club with the more than 60 kids we have coming on Fridays! To celebrate we had a big movie party at our house with sparkly temporary tattoos, a cartoon about the miracles of Jesus, and lots of snacks including hard-boiled eggs (which were a huge hit!). All the kids and leaders had a great time. We'll take a break during April and will begin next term starting on May 2nd. Please keep all these wonderful kids in your prayers.

Also, we are planning to start a weekly meal for the kids after our program on Fridays, just to help make sure that all the kids are getting what they need (like protein!). We are praising God for a sponsor that has already signed up for half the cost of the weekly meal. If you would like to help sponsor this feeding program, please contact us at

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Teamhouse Remodel pt 2

So after much destruction, we're rebuilding our bedroom block from the ground up. That's new floors, fixed walls, electric, ceilings, fans and paint. We're also adding a 4th bedroom and making plans for a complete remodel of the front of the house! Very excited, and I gotta say... it's looking awesome!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Teamhouse Remodel (Again)

Well we're at it again. What seemed like a simple, 3-day, straight forward job of putting in some new cement floors in the bedroom wing of the Teamhouse has turned into a beautiful fiasco. It's gonna be great, I promise. Fixing the floors, walls, ceilings, lights, fans and painting. Oh and we have groups booked on March 30. Pray that things move fast! And pray for additional money to come in for new bunk beds (the old ones might have been deathtraps.)