Monday, June 17, 2013

first week on the road

Well we're on a whirlwind tour of the west coast. We started off visiting some very old friends in Vancouver, stayed a night with a great young family in Corvalis, and camped at Lake Shasta. We spent the rest of the week at Koinonia Conference Grounds. All I can say is that I wish we had at least one more week at there - seriously, I have not had a more relaxing time in forever.  Koinonia's director Dave and his wonderful wife Kim (who heads up the women's ministry at Twin Lakes Church in Aptos) are just about the best hosts ever. They love Ciyanjano almost more than anyone else I know. They're headed to Zambia at the end of next week to run a short term team and then they'll be in our house at Ciyanjano through August, helping oversee the ministry and also getting a feel for what camping ministry looks like in Zambia so we can improve and think through the future growth of the ministry. Back in America they live outside of Watsonville in the Santa Cruz Mountains. They have the most quiet and restful cabin in the Redwoods about a mile up from camp. No cell reception, lots of tall trees, deer, wild turkeys, and the deepest coziest bed in America. They invited a bunch of great folks over one night so that we could catch up with a number of ladies (and their husbands) who had come over to Zambia with Kim to do ministry with the pastor's wives from ACTION Pastors' College. It was a wonderful reunion. We grilled a ton of food, showed off our kids and shared about the ministry in Zambia. It was so good to see those folks and my only regret is that we didn't get to spend a bunch of additional time with all of them individually. While there we also swam in the ocean in Capitola, at Sea Cliff Beach, and at New Brighton Beach, ate the most fabulous and insane sushi (the best was the "Eternal Sunshine), spent a day at camp, met miniature donkeys, played with the MOPS moms from Twin Lakes, and went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. We shared about Ciyanjano three time in three days and we still felt like we were on vacation. This week we're on to San Martin, Brentwood, Tehachapi, Zion, Page and Eloy AZ, El Paso and then TEXAS!

with friends in Vancouver

sticky pinecones at Lake Shasta

camping at Shasta


big trees

big slides

lucas's face says it all

showing pics with MOPS 

at camp

with the Breuningers!


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Travel Bingo

Our road trip down Interstate 5 from Bellingham to Santa Cruz has been just dandy so far. Of course we can't help but compare road travel here with our experiences back in Zambia. The kids have a set of travel bingo, one of the many fun distractions for long hours in the van. I think we are going to make a travel bingo set for Zambia...

Here are the kinds of things you find on your travel bingo board when driving on the friendly highways of the good ole USA:
police car
fire station

Here are the kinds of things you find on your travel bingo when driving from Lusaka to Ndola:
lady with bucket of guavas on her head
mini-bus with giant "The Jews" name sticker
mini-bus with giant "The Romans" name sticker
ox-cart full of rotting wood
boy selling hard-boiled eggs
police checkpoint for your road tax
talk-time vendor
phone charger vendor
guy selling two puppies
guy selling two turkeys
lady wearing a citenge (wrap) with high-heeled shoes printed all over it
market selling tomatoes, onions, and green veg
market selling tomatoes, onions, and green veg... and a black velvet couch
market selling tomatoes, onions, and green veg... and wigs

Oh, we could go on and on. Luckily we still have plenty to look at along the roads of America to help keep us awake. Otherwise the smooth blacktop would be constantly lulling us right to sleep. Today we took the kids to Capitola for their first time at the beach (not at a bay). It was a big hit with the kiddos, and just the smell of it made me weep with joy! My daughter's response to my tears? Mommy, why are you crying; because it stinks? No my dear! Because it smells so beautiful!!!!