Friday, October 14, 2016

Blow Me Away

This week something happened that I (Tricia) feel compelled to share with all our friends, family, supporters, and readers. Some of you out there think I am pretty crazy, and if that is how you feel then this blog will likely confirm your ideas about me. But if you think I am crazy, then at least think I am crazy for Jesus' sake!

I'll start at the beginning:  Last month my brother was married in San Diego and I was getting my groove on. I don't get out much, ha ha ha. And, let's just say I was getting crazy on the dance floor. All of a sudden, I felt like someone kicked me super hard at the very top of my calf behind my knee and I hit the floor. I have no idea what happened. The pain was so bad I thought I was going to vomit right there and I had to try to really control myself because I didn't want to cry like a baby in front of all of Ron's cool, tough friends.

After icing my knee, one of Ron's friends, Eric, helped me get up and I was able to hold my weight. But, from that point forward my knee kept giving out randomly and I was in a lot of pain in different positions. Up and down stairs, different things.

Most people would go to a doctor. I realize that. But, I was feeling very stubborn about spending a bunch of money on medical stuff after spending a fortune on Ethel's brain worms and a lot of time and worry on Kelly's knee. It just seemed downright stupid that I had hurt my knee and I just started asking the Lord to take it away.

Our friend, Jess, a knowledgeable PA, told me to wear a brace for six weeks if I didn't want to go get an MRI. But I was so stubborn I didn't even want to buy a brace. I started praying that the Lord would just give me one. I am not a good example to follow, I am just being totally honest. Okay, so two weeks later, with my knee getting worse, a very expensive knee brace came my way for free. That made me feel kinda justified in my stubbornness. Over the next two weeks, I wore the brace; my knee just felt worse. And also I was getting depressed.

Finally, I talked to Kelly and said I was ready to get an MRI and deal with whatever the problem was.   This was Monday afternoon. Tuesday morning I sat down with my prayer journal and started praying. I told the Lord that I was sorry for always asking for signs of his love and attention, but that I needed to know he was with me. I needed even more reassurance and more help to trust him. I wrote, "I need you to blow my mind with your love, healing power, and miracles."

Kelly called the doctor and they said they could fit me in that afternoon. As I drove to the doctor's I was worshiping the Lord along with some awesome music and I just started weeping. A wave of relief just totally rushed over me as I worshiped God. I tried to pull myself together to park that beast of a van and find the office in the large complex.

I explained everything to the doctor and he had me get up on the table and stretch out. I was a little nervous because I've heard how these guys can get rough. He asked me to relax my knee and he started manipulating my leg; this way, that way, every which way. NO pain. I said, "That right there should be hurting me." But it wasn't. NO pain. The doctor and I were both rather surprised.

That morning when I woke up:  pain.  That afternoon:  NO pain. I believe the Lord answered my prayer and healed me. I know some of you unbelievers out there think I am nuts. Whatev... God is SO awesome and I am so needy. I need his attention all the time. I need his love all the time. I need his power in my life. I LOVE to see GOD do amazing things and I am going to keep asking him to do amazing things. It is so much fun.

Thank you GOD for your goodness to a little stinker like me! I am sorry for being so stubborn and ridiculous. You are good! You are powerful! You are merciful! Thank you, Jesus!

Monday, October 3, 2016

A Strange and Comprehensive Wish List

Hello fine readers, supporters, helpers, brothers & sisters, prayer warriors, campers extraordinaire,

We have wonderful news:  we are getting closer to reaching our goal of sending a container full of awesome supplies to Ciyanjano! First off, we have collected a lot of useful items, including many books for our reading & study room. Second, we have raised $8,000 toward the shipping money we need. Thank you, God!!!! Please consider making a donation toward the shipping money we so that we can reach our goal of $11,000 very soon.

There is still work to do. We have room in our container for more supplies. All sorts of strange things will come in handy for the reading room and for our camp. Perhaps you have something sitting in your garage that we can put to better use. Please look over this wish list and let us know if you can make a donation!!! Thank you! Stay tuned for cool pictures of our container!

Ciyanjano Wish List

shade cloth
balance beams
bean bags, balls of all sizes
canopies, carports, party tents
Bellingham flag, Christian flag, USA flag, UK flag, Zambia flag
zip-line and hardware
trampolines of all sizes
plastic buckets
strong ladders
folding tables, folding chairs
sturdy planters
ping-pong table
picnic tables
bicycle helmets, bike locks, spare tubes (for staff members)
athletic uniforms for our football club kids like matching t-shirts and/or shorts - they can say anything on them it doesn't even matter as long as they match

Reading & Study Room Wish List

YWAM book collection about Christian Heroes
Encyclopedia Set (new)
Crayons, markers, erasers, pencils, a good wall-mounted pencil sharpener

Huckaby Family Wish List (just in case :)

ping-pong table
high-quality Queen mattress set
extra knee-caps... just kidding...