Blow Me Away

This week something happened that I (Tricia) feel compelled to share with all our friends, family, supporters, and readers. Some of you out there think I am pretty crazy, and if that is how you feel then this blog will likely confirm your ideas about me. But if you think I am crazy, then at least think I am crazy for Jesus' sake!

I'll start at the beginning:  Last month my brother was married in San Diego and I was getting my groove on. I don't get out much, ha ha ha. And, let's just say I was getting crazy on the dance floor. All of a sudden, I felt like someone kicked me super hard at the very top of my calf behind my knee and I hit the floor. I have no idea what happened. The pain was so bad I thought I was going to vomit right there and I had to try to really control myself because I didn't want to cry like a baby in front of all of Ron's cool, tough friends.

After icing my knee, one of Ron's friends, Eric, helped me get up and I was able to hold my weight. But, from that point forward my knee kept giving out randomly and I was in a lot of pain in different positions. Up and down stairs, different things.

Most people would go to a doctor. I realize that. But, I was feeling very stubborn about spending a bunch of money on medical stuff after spending a fortune on Ethel's brain worms and a lot of time and worry on Kelly's knee. It just seemed downright stupid that I had hurt my knee and I just started asking the Lord to take it away.

Our friend, Jess, a knowledgeable PA, told me to wear a brace for six weeks if I didn't want to go get an MRI. But I was so stubborn I didn't even want to buy a brace. I started praying that the Lord would just give me one. I am not a good example to follow, I am just being totally honest. Okay, so two weeks later, with my knee getting worse, a very expensive knee brace came my way for free. That made me feel kinda justified in my stubbornness. Over the next two weeks, I wore the brace; my knee just felt worse. And also I was getting depressed.

Finally, I talked to Kelly and said I was ready to get an MRI and deal with whatever the problem was.   This was Monday afternoon. Tuesday morning I sat down with my prayer journal and started praying. I told the Lord that I was sorry for always asking for signs of his love and attention, but that I needed to know he was with me. I needed even more reassurance and more help to trust him. I wrote, "I need you to blow my mind with your love, healing power, and miracles."

Kelly called the doctor and they said they could fit me in that afternoon. As I drove to the doctor's I was worshiping the Lord along with some awesome music and I just started weeping. A wave of relief just totally rushed over me as I worshiped God. I tried to pull myself together to park that beast of a van and find the office in the large complex.

I explained everything to the doctor and he had me get up on the table and stretch out. I was a little nervous because I've heard how these guys can get rough. He asked me to relax my knee and he started manipulating my leg; this way, that way, every which way. NO pain. I said, "That right there should be hurting me." But it wasn't. NO pain. The doctor and I were both rather surprised.

That morning when I woke up:  pain.  That afternoon:  NO pain. I believe the Lord answered my prayer and healed me. I know some of you unbelievers out there think I am nuts. Whatev... God is SO awesome and I am so needy. I need his attention all the time. I need his love all the time. I need his power in my life. I LOVE to see GOD do amazing things and I am going to keep asking him to do amazing things. It is so much fun.

Thank you GOD for your goodness to a little stinker like me! I am sorry for being so stubborn and ridiculous. You are good! You are powerful! You are merciful! Thank you, Jesus!