A Strange and Comprehensive Wish List

Hello fine readers, supporters, helpers, brothers & sisters, prayer warriors, campers extraordinaire,

We have wonderful news:  we are getting closer to reaching our goal of sending a container full of awesome supplies to Ciyanjano! First off, we have collected a lot of useful items, including many books for our reading & study room. Second, we have raised $8,000 toward the shipping money we need. Thank you, God!!!! Please consider making a donation toward the shipping money we so that we can reach our goal of $11,000 very soon.

There is still work to do. We have room in our container for more supplies. All sorts of strange things will come in handy for the reading room and for our camp. Perhaps you have something sitting in your garage that we can put to better use. Please look over this wish list and let us know if you can make a donation!!! Thank you! Stay tuned for cool pictures of our container!

Ciyanjano Wish List

shade cloth
balance beams
bean bags, balls of all sizes
canopies, carports, party tents
Bellingham flag, Christian flag, USA flag, UK flag, Zambia flag
zip-line and hardware
trampolines of all sizes
plastic buckets
strong ladders
folding tables, folding chairs
sturdy planters
ping-pong table
picnic tables
bicycle helmets, bike locks, spare tubes (for staff members)
athletic uniforms for our football club kids like matching t-shirts and/or shorts - they can say anything on them it doesn't even matter as long as they match

Reading & Study Room Wish List

YWAM book collection about Christian Heroes
Encyclopedia Set (new)
Crayons, markers, erasers, pencils, a good wall-mounted pencil sharpener

Huckaby Family Wish List (just in case :)

ping-pong table
high-quality Queen mattress set
extra knee-caps... just kidding...