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The Missionary Image


Hellos and Goodbyes

10-year Wedding Anniversary

Missionaries in Training

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At MTI in Palmer Lake

week one - road trip

ACTION Zambia Website Gets Facelift

Yard Sales are a BLAST!!!

Postcard Update

ACTION Zambia Ministries Overview

Yard Sale & Craft Sale - Sept. 26th

Croquet ZAMBIA a BIG Hit!!!

Croquet Tournament Fundraiser

First Newsletter!

Pizza Fundraiser... YUM!

Zambia Night this Thursday at Oikos Fellowship


Getting Ready for Orientation May 4-8


life in Bellingham

Community Schools in Lusaka

Some Numbers about Zambia

One small and important step

Atheists for Christ

Poverty and Child Labor in Lusaka

Notes from Tricia

home? at last with the Huckabarons

Last day in Lusaka

Midpoint in Lusaka

muli bwanzi from Zambia!

Greetings One and All