week one - road trip

Well. We are all surviving and having a very nice time with our friends and family along the way. Had a lovely visit with our very old friends the Collmers in Vancouver, WA. A short day of driving to Grant's Pass, OR hotel offered a needed swim and a chance to catch up on sleep - we all went to sleep around 7:45. In the morning we took a long walk around the little town, got coffee and hit the road. We drove into Whitmore, CA the long and scenic route (oops, thanks Google maps) and stayed with new friends in a pretty little cabin in the piney woods of the California foothills. Had a chance to meet their pastor and his family and had a great dinner and time of conversation & fellowship. In the crisp fall morning, we picked Arkansas Black apples and fed them to the horses. We hit the road a little late but after an EXTREMELY scenic route (thanks again Google) we arrived at camp Koinonia, low on gas and energy. The road over the mountain from CA-17 to Koinonia was like a joke. 15 miles, one lane, no lines, switchbacks on switchbacks, large patches of the road had been washed away in previous mudslides. But beautiful. Koinonia was terrific, the people were all very insightful and helpful and we stayed in another woodsy cabin in the forest with the Breuningers. Saw the beach at Capitola (by the sea) and checked out Santa Cruz. Today we were in Morgan Hill, CA staying with some ex-ACTION Zambia missionaries and visiting with their pastor and going to church. A great day and topped with a greasy bag full of fries and burgers from the In & Out Burger. Delicious! Thanks to all of our great hosts. Please continue to pray for our support raising, and especially, for safe travel and good sleep.