At MTI in Palmer Lake

Well, for all (two) of you Huckablog followers, we have safely arrived in Palmer Lake, CO @ Mission Training International. We spent the last week on the road from Oakland, Ca - where we visited with Tricia's brother, went to the beach, saw a lot of sea lions at Fisherman's Wharf, and checked out an emergency room, Luke stepped off a curb while I was holding his hand and it dislocated his elbow. Easy fix, and he was a trooper. We traveled through some of the most boring country (central Nevada), stayed with the cousin of a friend in Salt Lake (thanks Steve & Matthew), and drove through some of the most beautiful country (I-70 through Colorado). We arrived at MTI safely on Monday afternoon with two minutes to spare before our orientation started. That Monday it was in the mid-70's and clear and sunny, by Tuesday it was cool and foggy, and by Wednesday morning there was 3" of snow on the ground and 30 mph winds. Big change.

So far, we have settled into a routine here between classes, meals, and family time. So far the training is great. One of the best things, though is this:
One of the trainers said - "You are now among your tribe, your people group. These people understand support-raising, traveling and sleeping on couches and speaking at churches and bible studies." This is so true - I have felt a little out of place in the world over the last six months. We're not quite here or there and often feel that no-one in the world and most people in the Church have no idea what you're going through. Being around these people is a blessing.


Ron and Carol Baker said…
Hey, Tricia, Kelly and Luke-Carol and I just had a nice converstaion at the dining table at MTI! You guys are great on your web site! We look forward to the time we have here together over the next two weeks. I will save your huckablog address - even in Tanzania we can keep in touch...

Ron and Carol
PS - You have now doubled your followers!