Hellos and Goodbyes

Hello Bellingham, Goodbye road. We arrived today at the Huckabarons after 6 weeks on the road. Our training ended last Friday and we've been making our way home ever since. Leaving MTI was rough. I'll post more about this later, but it is amazing how close we felt to many of our fellow future missionaries. Leaving was very tearful but good. It was sad to think that many of the folks we came to know at MTI, we may never see again. Thankfully, there will be a few great folks headed to locations near Zambia and God-willing we'll see them in Africa someday down the road. Our trip back took us through Fort Collins (thanks Jon and Heather!), Rock Springs, WY (and Evanston, WY where we attended a nice little Presbyterian church who welcomed us like family), Paul, ID (thanks Jeremy & Nichole!), Baker City, OR, and Yakima, WA (time with the Martinsons and Sorensons --Yeah!). Thanks again to all the folks who welcomed us into their homes and churches and families. It was a HUGE BLESSING. Now it's time to settle in and get to work. Zamfest 2009 is next week, we've got bills to pay, people to call and desserts and bible study meetings to set up. We'll be calling you soon.