Greetings One and All

Howdy from the Huckaby family. This is possibly the beginning of some serious blogging. I've tried in the past to review random books, write short travelogues, and to journal about my faith or sometimes my lack thereof. But due to our current situation in life, it is time to break out the blog and get the word out. It seems the Huckaby family may be moving to Lusaka... Zambia. For years, Tricia and I have been tossing around the idea of becoming missionaries. We assumed it would be somewhere in Latin America (I knew the language and the history, they have nice beaches). in the spring of '08 we we both began to feel the call to really work towards missions,specifically Africa. After months of praying and researching we had the opportunity to hear an old acquaintance speak at our church.  Steve Allen and his wife Stephanie and their three daughters have been living in Zambia for two years and working through Action Zambia. At the end of his message, our pastor asked that if people felt called to learn more about their ministry that we should talk to him after the service. Tricia and I both felt excited and nervous and we waited as patiently as we could to speak to Steve. He told us about a project they were working on outside the capital of Zambia. Ciyanjano Centre is a 17 acre farm that they are developing into a retreat center. They are looking for two families to live on the farm, work the land, co-ordinate trainings for local pastors, and develop relationships with the local people. We're going to check it out next month. Please be praying for a safe trip and for God to clearly direct our path. Thanks for your support and we'll keep you updated.