home? at last with the Huckabarons

Well, 30+hours of flights and layovers and we're finally back in Bellingham. I have much more to write about our trip and that will be forthcoming. However, right now we're busy getting settled into our new home. Feeling jet-lagged and crazy, maybe a little exhausted and sad to be home, but excited to be with Lucas again, we moved into our friend's basement. When we made the decision to go on the mission field, we wanted to start saving money for the upcoming costs (which are astronomical) and Tricia started praying for a basement - somewhere we could sleep for cheap and show people that we were willing to give sacrificially to make a move to Africa. A week later our friends from church (the Barons) invited us to move into their home while we save and prepare for Africa. Amazing that this family of five was so faithful as to move us into their 2 bedroom house and become a family of eight! Please pray for this transition and for the Barons! I need some sleep.