Notes from Tricia

I'm sneaking in to Kelly's blog to leave some of my own impressions for all of you thoughtful dears who are keeping up with us Huckaby's.

Our trip to Zambia could not have been better. Many of you have been helping Kelly and I pray for clarity about what God would have us do. I am an action-oriented person so it is hard for me to wait on the Lord at times and not just jump right in to what I think is best. But, while I tried to stay as open as possible to all options, I could not escape the feeling that I had already been to Lusaka before. Everything felt so familiar and I seemed strangely at home wherever we went. It's not that I could imagine exactly what it would be like for us to move there - of course it's impossible to know all that would entail. BUT, it is impossible to imagine NOT moving there.

At the end of the week we were to meet with members of the Board of Directors and I was very aware that this was an important interview. I felt so sure that my place was in Lusaka but I wanted to know for certain that it wasn't just me and some kind of weird emotional response I was having... I began to pray that if God did not want us to pursue this opportunity that the members of the Board would have some kind of problem with us... that they would have a different perspective and be able to clearly see that we were not a good match.

After a long and lovely conversation the three Board members told us they felt very clearly that we were being called to Zambia and that they would be praying for us. It was such an awesome confirmation! I feel so excited about Action Zambia's programs and I can't wait to see how we will fit in to the picture.

It has been a bitter-sweet homecoming because we have amazing friends and family, a supportive and wonderful church home, and a phenomenal community. Not to mention this cute little basement we're living in... wink. Please, please don't let me ever take all that for granted. But believe it or not, I already feel like I have a second family in Zambia. The Action Zambia team is fantastic. I really can't stress enough how much we loved each person (and all their kids!). And I have so much respect for what they are all doing. And I think most importantly I am so HOT for what God is doing in Lusaka. He is powerful. He is loving. And his Spirit is alive and working!!!!!

So here I am and I feel like I am smak-dab in the palm of God's hand. I am loving the Baron's house and settling back in. I am loving being home. But, I am loving being home in light of all that lays before us. I have no idea exactly how this is all going to work out and that's fine. All we can do is be obedient about pursuing what we think God wants for us and we'll leave the results to him.

I feel like God is pouring his grace out on the Huckaby's in a major way. How is it even possible that we have such a great God???!!!! He is our ROCK and our protector.

I also want to send out a big THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to all our wonderful hosts in Zambia for making our trip so grand and to ALL of our beautiful friends and family who have been calling us and praying for us and sending us encouraging emails. I have to tell you people, I think Kelly and I have to be the luckiest people in the history of the entire world. I'm totally serious people.

That's all for now, but check out my sweet braids and the ensuing fro.