Some Numbers about Zambia

These numbers are from UNICEF (2005)
  • Total Population 11.7 million
  • Estimated adult HIV prevalence rate in Zambia        17%
  • Estimated number of people (all ages) living with HIV        1.2 million
  • Life expectancy at birth (years)                   41
  • Total number of orphans 1.2 million
  • Number of orphans due to HIV 710,000
  • Population below US$1 a day, 1995-2005         64%
This is A LOT of information to really process. Spend a minute really thinking about what these numbers mean to the people of Zambia. The number of orphans is always what blows me away the most - More than 10% of the population is made up of orphans! For you Bellinghamers - that's 16 times the population of Belligham!! If that doesn't break your heart, I don't know what can. Pray for healing and help. Pray for change.


People often ask me: "If God loved his people, why are there starving children in Africa, why would he let his people suffer." My answer is always this: "God has given us a mission to be the ones to prevent this from happening and we are failing." If American corporations stopped using plastic bags and donated that money, we could feed an entire small country. I'm so proud of you for listening to God's calling. It's a scary thing to leave the life you know and venture into the unknown...or better yet, what is known is scary. Blessings and prayers will be sent your way!