ACTION Zambia Ministries Overview

Hi Huckablog followers. We have so much going on right now it's amazing. We're preparing for our 6+week road trip to Palmer Lake, CO for our 3-week cross cultural living training at MTI. We're hoping to see many friends and some family along the way. We're plugging away on our Perspectives coursework on missions. We're also super excited that our pastor, Pete and two other guys from our church are headed to Lusaka, Zambia next month to see AZ's ministries and do some re-con for a future Oikos short-term team. So, starting next week I'll be posting overviews of AZ's various ministries. Stay tuned.


Christa said…
We are so excited for your journey! Our journey to Zambia was one filled with incredible movements of God's mighty hand. Thank you for your investment in the people of Zambia. I know you are going to love living here even when the hard times come. Give us a shout if there is anything we can do for you. The AZ people are good friends and we were almost AZers ourselves. Our blog is our Zambian cell number is 011 260 977305821. Praying for you! Rob Murphy