Croquet ZAMBIA a BIG Hit!!!

The Results Are In!
Aaron Spots took first place in round 2.
Kristen Gilfillan, Chris Higbee, and Geoff Baron all get gift certificates for winning their rounds.
Mitch Rosenberg, Jordan Levien, Lisa Rollins, and Ryan Burke all get prizes for best shots. Best Dressed is still being voted on because of the fierce competition!

Special thanks to Dustin and Susan Rudolph for throwing a super fun and swanky fundraiser for our Zambia fund. Everyone dressed up in their best white gear and hats (my personal faves were Jordan Levien for the guys and Jess Flegel for the girls!)

Everyone had a great time playing croquet and eating yummy bisquits. And of course the kids had a blast at the playground while the sun kept us all warm and tan.

THANK YOU to everyone who turned out for this event - we raised over $1000!!!!! Praise God!


Pete Williamson said…
Jordan Levien was your 2009 Croquet Zambia champion in the Best Dressed category.