1/2 way point

so here we are. half way through our time in mexico. first, here are a few things about mexicans i'd like to point out. these are gross generalizations:1. dislike - mexicans have a tolerance for noise that would shock your average white american. between buses, barking dogs, live bands, roosters, singing drunks and boom-boxes blasting the hottest banda, quiet moments are few and far between. (ps check out valentin elizalde -he's the biggest thing on the west coast right now - like tupac! he was affiliated with the west coast drug cartels and was gunned down by members of the east coast cartel after a concert. you can't go anywhere in vallarta without hearing his jazzy norteƱa style.)
2. like - i love how generous mexicans are. you can't ride a bus across town without getting hit up by people looking for a little change. nurses, nuns, teens por cristo, drunks, musicians, clowns, the crippled. not to mention the random people who get on the bus and shout about something i can't understand at all. the mexicans on the bus ALWAYS pony up. at least half of the people on the bus willingly part with some change. if some one got on the bus in bellingham and started shouting about needing money for jesus - they would be arrested. that sort of thing just goes against our protestant sensibilities. sad. the other thing i want to talk about is the beaches. back in bellingham, about a month before we moved here (sight unseen), a student from our youth group said to me, "puerto vallarta sucks! the beaches are all rocky and the water is cold." needless to say, i wanted to pop this kid in the nose. however, it hurts to admit that he was almost right. here is a short list of a number of beaches for your consideration:a. all beaches between downtown and the hotel zone - sometimes scummy, dangerous riptides, sandy beaches and two steps into the water you find a nice layer of foot-bruising rocks.
b. olas altas (tall waves) - this is a good place to die. huge, punishing shore-break due to a steep drop-off. i've seen the surf big enough to break your legs.
c. playa del muerto - southside beach is the best in town. we swam there today and the water was clear and cool. not too many vendors walking around, but plenty selling food - which is good if you're pregnant. men in white pants and t-shirts walk the beach peddling skewers of barbequed shrimp and fish, fresh peeled mangos on a stick, fried treats, pastries and empenadas, and cups full of sliced cucumber, jicima, watermelon, or pineapple. there were also a million people there. playing soccer, swimming, tanning, eating, necking, sleeping, and getting seriously wasted at 2 in the afternoon.
d. nuevo vallarta - i haven't been there myself, but tricia tells me it's pretty nice, more like muerto than other beaches in town.
e. bucerias - nice beach for laying about, kind of weird for swimming. the beach has a 4 ft. section of rocks right as you enter the water, then a four foot drop-off, then in levels out at about 3 ft for 30 yrds out in the bay. smooth, almost muddy sand.
f. destiladoras - this is the best beach around as far as i am concerned. not too many people, perfect waves (sometimes there can be a strong rip), clear green water. totally beautiful. the bus ride there is a bit long.
e. sayulita - another perfect beach, a few too many beginning surfers and hippies. anyway enough of that- we are well and happy, we miss you all and are starting to get excited to return to the nw. as soon as it stops freakin' snowing. i think i'll crank up some really loud music on our hello kitty boom box and stroll down to the beach.
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