mamma, i'm comming home

so my folks arrived in vallarta and we took them around town. had some great dinners and took them to see our favorite beach. it was a little sad - some crazy storm way out in the pacific blew violent currents and punishing waves into the bay and really stirred up the beaches. our favorite beach close to town (playa gemelas) was totally changed. the soft slope of the beach and gentle waves and clear water were replaced with a huge drop off, a six-foot shore break, and strange rip currents. our other favorite beach (destiladeras) was changed as well. the sandy beach and perfect waves were replaced by rocks and huge, dangerous breaks. must have been a good time to leave vallarta. while i am a little sad to be leaving, tricia is ready to get home. i'm sure that once we start seeing family and friends agaiin, i'll be more than happy to get back. while my parents were here we went to the botanical gardens -very nice.