People keep asking "What are you guys doing in Texas?" So here's the basics.
1. Family time - My parents live here in Texas and we wanted to spend a nice, long chunk of time with them before we pack up their 2-year old grandson and move to central Africa.
2. Homework - We are about 2/3 finished with our online course (Perspectives on the World Christian Movement) so we still have 5 lessons and a research paper. So we're spending a fair chunk of the days and evenings trying to finish our readings and assignments.
3. Admin. - As "pre-field" missionaries we spend lots of time writing emails, notes, and cards to our supporters and friends. We're trying to transfer 250+ names, addresses, phone numbers and emails to spreadsheets so we can keep track of our contacts. We're working to arrange more opportunities to share about Zambia with both groups and individuals.

The bonus is that Texas is a little like Zambia. So it's good practice. More on this next time.


Geoff/Amy said…
So how is Texas like Zambia?