Moving Day!

After our week with the Hilty's and our two week stay with Chris and Martha Kangwa, we're finally moving in to our new place!! We started out at about 7:30am and after filling the Hilty's truck and we headed across town. Tricia and Luke went to the new place with some of our AZ team to unload and unpack while Steve and I went to the carpenter's shop in Kalingalinga. While he put the finishing touches on some of the furniture, we picked up some wicker chairs and a couch. Back at the flat we unloaded and discovered that the front door was quite narrow, not to mention the tight squeeze from the living room into the hall to the bedrooms. Tim procured a saw and chopped the back legs off our chairs to get them through the door – this quick fix proved to make the chairs more comfortable! While the girls unpacked and organized, the boys kicked the football around waiting for the heavy lifting stuff to arrive. Our new appliances – stove, fridge, washer and dryer showed up in a timely way and our new landlord had an electrician on site to put in new outlets and set up our stove. By 14 hours (2pm) we started wondering about our mattress – I had called that morning and they assured me it would be delivered by 13 hours. So I called, and called, and called. “Oh yes, they will be there in 20 minutes.”
Around 18 hours, Tim saw the Carnival delivery truck – he ran them off the road and questioned them about our mattress. They had no idea what he was talking about. So after calling the manager and chewing him out the delivery truck ran back to the store to get our mattress and delivered finally delivered it. Our carpenter was also a little challenged – to be fair, we had pushed our delivery date forward by two days, however - Lucas' new single bed would simply not fit through the hall (not the carpenter's fault), the single trundle that went under his bed was a little too small to fit a single mattress, our queen bed was substantially larger than our mattress, the table we ordered in mukwa (a nice dark hardwood) was made of pine, our benches and bookshelves were a no show. But everything is being sorted out in typical Zambian style... slowly. The carpenter had to come back the next day and chop Lucas' bed in to pieces to get it in his room and we still have multiple items we're waiting for. So much shopping to do. But it's amazing to have our own home after one and half years of communal living. Praise the Lord – no complications or troubles can match the joy of setting up a new home!