Muli Bwanji!

Muli Bwanji from Lusaka, Zambia. We work with ACTION Zambia developing and running a 19-acre rural property called Ciyanjano Christian Campgrounds that acts as a retreat/conference/camping ministry for the churches in the slums of Lusaka.

The ACTION Zambia team already ministers to these churches by providing:
1.  Pastor training at our ACTION Pastors' College
2.  AIDS education/caregiver training through the CROSS Project
3.  Evangelistic children's events

Ciyanjano is an important support to all that the Lusaka team provides. Our job is in helping develop the property to best meet the needs of the community we serve, to host short-term teams, and to work with the Lusaka team and the community to host pastor trainings, kids’ camps and other retreats. Join us by becoming a supporter in prayer and giving to bless the people of Zambia.
Kelly, Tricia, Ethel, Lucas & Joy