The Girls

After years of prayer about adoption and of course more recent prayer and fasting regarding the decision....

Today Kelly and Tricia Huckaby went down to Social Welfare and officially applied to adopt Mutale, estimated age 3, and her sister Ethel, estimated age 5. What?! I know!

Because their birthdays are unknown, for the sake of the paperwork, we were given permission to just give them the birthdays we wanted for them. For whatever reason this detail of our meeting at social welfare was what really hit us. We are well on our way to being parents of three. We are already lovingly referring to them as "the girls." Well, Lucas officially joined this family with a birthday and today we felt like "the girls" did too.

All we can say is: please PRAY!


wahoooo!!! Praise GOD! I will be praying for you guys! That is SUPER exciting!!!
Heather Schmitt said…
Do you have any pictures yet!! Can't wait to see them, Praise God!!