One of the projects going right now at Ciyanjano is a hammer mill or "chigayo." A chigayo is mill where people can bring their maize and have it milled into mealie meal, the staple food here that when cooked is called nsima. This is awesome for a number of reasons. First it provides a service to the community. Some people were walking as far as 7km to the next closest chigayo. We have fair to low prices and people in Kasupe are excited to have a place close by. Also the chigayo is a way that Camp Ciyanjano can become more sustainable. It provides a regular and steady income to the ministry that can help us pay all of our national workers' salaries and help pay for maintenance of the property. It's a great place to hang out too. Children are often the ones bring maize for milling. You'll see little tiny kids with 50lbs of maize on their heads headed to the chigayo everyday. While there they play with each other and socialize. We had our opening day a few weeks ago and offered free milling all day. It was a lot of sun to play with the kids that came just to watch.