I need you more, more than yesterday.

I need you more, more than words can say.

I need you more, I need you more.

More than the air I breathe.

More than the song I sing.

More than the next hot thing.

More than anything.

And Lord as time goes by,

I'll be by your side.

Because I never want to go back

to my old life.

We give you the highest place.

We give you the highest place.

We give you the highest place.

We give you the highest place.


This is a song that we sang at church this morning. Honestly, it takes me awhile even to learn some of the songs in English because the choir's accent can be pretty thick. When I finally realized they were singing "the next hot thing" I got excited because that seemed kind of a unique lyric. When I think of "the next hot thing" I can feel a little superior inside like I don't give into hot trends and stuff like that. But then the Holy Spirit really spoke to me today as we were singing that song. He asked me, what's the next hot thing for you, Tricia?

And I realized that I fall prey to "the next hot thing" in my life all the time. It occurred to me that the way that I pray is an easy way to see what the next hot thing is for me. Right now? The next hot thing is our house project, the fatty garden we're working on, fundraising, preparing for a big personnel meeting… I mean, "the next hot thing" is whatever is occupying my thoughts and really taking over as a priority. The list can get quite long, especially when I contrast my priorities with the last part of the song. "We give you the highest place." Really? Am I really giving Jesus the highest place? No, I confess, most of the time I am not giving Jesus the highest place but a host of other things reign in his place.

All these other things are just fine but they never deserve the highest place.

Please pray that we'll be faithful in giving the Lord the highest place everyday.