Why We Love Our Truck

I'm sure I've written about this before. When our director insisted that we have a big turbo diesel 4wd Toyota Prado, we worried about gas milage and whether our family of three really needed a seven-seat SUV. Considering the road to Ciyanjano, and most of the roads we use when visiting people and churches in the compounds, the tall, 4wd power is a must for rainy season mud bogs. But even when we're not in the compounds or rural areas, we but the truck through some major work. This week was a big week for the Toyota. I hauled 12 heaps of flagstones, 100kgs of lime, 100kgs of fertilizer, 200kgs of mulch, 15 trees and plants, 8 mukwa doors, concrete blocks, two toilets, a hot water heater, machine parts for our maize sheller, various builders, plumbers, technicians, teachers and about 100 school kids hitching to and from class. We're like a Toyota commercial almost every day of the week. So thanks again to all the people who gave towards our start up costs to buy the truck, and to all the people who give so we can keep it running. We'd be in trouble without it!