We've Moved!

Hello friends! We Huckabys have had so much big news lately, but the biggest item of note is that we have moved into the new house!!! Thank you, Lord! People in Zambia don't "move" into a new place, they "shift." So, after a very long year of building this house we have finally shifted into our permanent residence onsite at Ciyanjano.

This has been such a huge project with so much help from so many people. God has been good to us and has been our Rock throughout this process. We came into this project with no construction experience and just a fraction of the funds we needed. But because of God's faithfulness and the loving hearts of his church, here we are.

One of the most surprising things about building this house are the wonderful relationships we've cultivated with Zambians in various sides of the construction business. And even more surprising are the many opportunities that Kelly has had over this year to open up spiritual conversations with people as they worked together on the house. This has been such a learning experience on so many levels.

Our prayer is that God will use this house in our lives for his glory. Will you pray with us that this house will be a blessing, not only to our family, but to all those who visit us here at Ciyanjano? And will you please pray for protection over our family as we settle in? Here is just a quick pic of the (mostly) finished house, but there will be a whole gallery soon. Thank you so much to all of you that gave and prayed toward this project!!!!!