Development Madness!

It seems like we just can’t resist the sweet sounds of hammers here at Camp Ciyanjano.  Since we moved out here in May of 2011 we’ve had almost constant development at the property. And just when you think it’ll slow down...

So far this year we’ve re-floored half of our conference center team house and repainted most of the interior, built and installed two steel playground structures, built a covered sitting area for the playground, built an entire three bedroom house from start to finish, built a cooking shed for our workers, finished building an unused structure and turned it into classroom space for the campground, planted about a hundred trees, and done countless smaller updates and improvements to water and power infrastructure here at the camp. So when we finished the Camp Ciyanjano Coordinator House in April we thought we’d take a break for a few months. But then we missed the smell of fresh cement and decided to tackle a few more things in the upcoming months. Right now we just finished installing a community water tap for the families that live near Camp Ciyanjano, we’re completely re-roofing the hut that we were living in to make it more livable for our new missionary Tyler Dingman, and we’re also partially rebuilding and completely re-roofing another chalet here in order to make space for the new ACTION Zambia administrative office. Meanwhile our fearless director Tim Hilty is getting our plans for a full-sized shower and toilet block in our campground approved at the dreaded Lusaka Provincial Planning Authority. We still need donations to finish this new project and we hope to break ground as early as September. 


Ted K. said…
Looks great!

You guys don't need anymore helpers out there?