Goodbye to Little Uncle Pete

This week we said goodbye to Little Uncle Pete our cat. You might have his sweet little face on your refrigerator because he is featured on our last prayer card. He wasn't with us long but he was definitely part of the family. I never really understood people who cried over their dead dogs and cats and birds and such because I was never an animal person. But now I understand. Pete was a real gift to me and was a good friend a lot of days when I really needed a friend around here.

Yesterday I was talking with the kids about it. It's hard to tell how much they are affected by this. Ethel said that she thought we would see Pete in heaven one day. Lucas said, "Of course we will see Pete in heaven because he was obeying the Lord. I mean, how can a cat NOT praise the Lord and obey the Lord. He was praising the Lord every day just by being a cat!"

I think Lucas is on to something there. So, thank you, God, for Little Uncle Pete and the good times we had. Petey, I'll see you when I see you.



Anonymous said…
Oh no! I don't know how I missed this one. I'd send you a kitten in Pete's suitcase, if I could. (maybe one of those Bonsai kittens would fit). I'm sorry to hear about Petey. I lost a cat in my early twenties who was a real gift from God. He uses animals in some amazing ways, to teach lessons, to show love, or just to provoke wonder. You are so blessed to have had interesting and amazing animals in your life. (even the mpashi.) love you, just sent a bunch of goodies your way, we think of you often. We try not to miss a blog post. Even if we don't comment, we're reading them.
Love always, Kat