Happy 5th Birthday Joy!

We're having a two day celebration of Joy this weekend. She's finally turned 5 (going on 13)! Tricia and I were working with our short term team here at Ciyanjano to host a hospice seminar and so we were a bit busy. But in the morning Joy got to open her presents including a new bike from her grandma and grandpa! They got to eat sugary cereal (bubblegum cherrios), I helped her ride her bike out on the road and then we played Hungry Hungry Hippos (from Mimi and Papa) and then I went to work. For dinner she requested fish and cake - so that's what we had! Today we're going to Kalimba farm to see the crocs and swim and she got to invite a friend. I think she's had a really great b-day!


Anonymous said…
Happy birthday, Joy! I'm excited to meet you next year! I hope you had fun with the crocodiles. :)
Love, Kat