ACTION Zambia Christmas Party Outreach at Ciyanjano

This year for our Christmas party we got to work with some new groups of kids from nearby Ciyanjano. We had an orphanage bring about 45 kids and community school brought about 30 kids both from the Chunga/Zingalume area. We had a great craft  - the kids made crowns, adding color and stickers and we talked about the birth of our King. The kids played on jumping castles and our playpark. We cooked up about 20 chickens and ton of nshima. A choir from the United Church of Zambia congregation came and sang some Christmas songs and our dear friend Warren also led worship with drums and guitar. A group of girls from the orphanage also had some Christmas songs they had worked on and number of kids from the community school shared memory verses. Our ACTION International missionary care team was visiting so pastor John Reed gave a gospel message featuring a naughty monkey, a sly snake and hungry croc. It was a really great day and the weather was fabulous - especially considering it rained cats and dogs for the next two days. Thanks to everyone who made this Christmas party possible and pray that the kids who heard the gospel and celebrated the birth of the King with us will grow to know and serve that King!
working on crowns

georgie passes out stickers

this girl was very pleased with her crown!

looking sharp

UCZ choir (amazing!)

tyler cooking up the nkuku

jumping castle madness!

gift bags!