Bible Club Re-Visited

It's hard to believe that we've been back in Zambia for 2 weeks already! Our time has been quite full with re-organizing the house a bit, starting home-schooling, getting back into the Ciyanjano groove (such as surprise trips to the clinic with neighbor kids, surprise pastors wanting to book camps, or surprise bats in our bedroom... so Tricia, are you saying life is full of surprises?? Why, yes!).

Surprises can throw off your whole day but they can also completely MAKE your whole day. That was true of yesterday - I got my Bible Club back together for our first of many weekly meetings to come. Surprisingly, almost all the 35 kids that were coming before our home assignment showed up, on time, and wearing their t-shirts!!! For those of you who have never experienced African culture... this was truly amazing. I was super pumped to see the kids and they were all looking really good. Also Judy (pictured above) showed up to help me translate and wrangle the kiddos.

Then, after our Bible story time, I was surprised again!!! Judy and the children surprised me by telling me that THEY had also prepared a program for ME. I had the beautiful privilege of sitting back while the kids performed songs and recited memory verses they had worked on over previous weeks. My very favorite song  (not to be "so vain" as that old song goes) was the song they made up for me:  "We are so happy, Auntie Tricia. We are so happy, happy, happy that you are back in Zambia." This song was catchy, if I do say so myself, and also had some dance moves that went along with it that were quite sassy.

So of course, how thoroughly encouraged could a Sunday school teacher be??!! I told the kids that I would have come all the way back to Zambia JUST to see their program because it was so awesome. Please remember Ciyanjano's Bible Club in your prayers each week and pray that these kids will know, love and serve the Lord and share the good news about Jesus Christ with others.


Oh man! That is so fantastic. I didn't know the club had gone on while you were gone, but how wonderful to come back to such a treat! Wish I could see a video of their Tricia dance ;)
Ted K. said…
This is so wonderful...makes me want to come see it too!
Actually Jen, they have only met a few times while I was away. But Judy got them together a couple times just to put together this special program for me. So cool and I was very touched - Judy is such a sweetheart!