Pray for Rain!

I've said it before and I'll say it again. When we lived in Washington we prayed for sunshine. Now that we live in Africa we pray for rain. This year we are praying A LOT. Here's why. Zambia is an agrarian society and most everyone we know grows maize for their staple food, nshima. Last year we also had late and sporadic rains, the government-subsidized maize seed and fertilizer came late, and we had a plague of army worms. So farmers in our community are starting this growing season with less than their usual amount of reserves. People are going to be very hungry if we don't start seeing some daily rain very soon. Zambians rely on the fresh maize during the early part of the year as they wait for the rest of the maize to dry for milling.  Not only is it not raining but it's miserably hot, at least 95 everyday.  There are hot winds blowing from the south furtherer drying up everything. The mosquito larvae are usually washed away during the heavy rains but due to a few big showers and weeks of dry heat, we've had a huge increase in baby mosquitos. Lastly, a large portion of Ciyanjano's income comes from a mill for maize; we're already seeing low sage due to a lack of dry maize. Needless to say that we've been a bit hot and miserable and our friends are suffering with fear about the possibility of a very poor harvest, possibly worse than last year. SO PLEASE PRAY FOR RAIN FOR ZAMBIA!