This week we heard a Zambian proverb that was fun to learn:

Mukayenda mu thengo,
Mudzayendela zonse!

It says, When you go out into the bush, you go for everything!

Meaning... you may travel out into the bush to go hunting, but along the way you will collect some firewood. You may find mushrooms. You may come across all sorts of useful things. Maybe your hunt won't be successful at all - who knows? But you will certainly find all kinds of things on your journey.

One friend commented that it seems like being a missionary is just like that. We agreed. We came to Zambia with certain ideas of what we might find or what we might do... but along the way we have found and have done all sorts of things! That's why it is so hard to answer that famous question, "What does your typical day look like?" Some of you have asked us that question before and were met with a blank stare... Now perhaps I will just answer, "Mukayenda mu thengo, mudzayendela zonse!"