Easter Weekend Family Conference!

It might seem like all we do at Ciyanjano is build, remodel, and rebuild half to property every five minutes. It sure seems like that to me sometimes! But Ciyanjano is more about the development of the local church by providing a place like no other in Lusaka to hold camps, retreats and conferences. This past weekend we hosted our favorite group - the Reformed Baptist Vernacular Family Conference. This was their fourth year at Ciyanjano and as usual they were a blessing to us. It's so encouraging to see a group come and really use the facility in lots of ways as they build up the members of their congregations. This camp was mostly youth from a number of Lusaka churches and had the theme of "The African Traditional Church and its impact on Christianity." They did sessions on "spiritualism" in marriages and relationships, the importance of the Word, and did break outs with different ages for specific teaching. So great to have a camp of 107 people all with a desire to seek the Lord!
a breakout group on modesty

young kids marching and singing

about half the group after Easter Sunday worship