Lost and Found (please pray!)

Today was a tough day and I don't even know how to share this but we're asking God's people to pray for us. This morning we had an OB appointment for Tricia at Corp-Med because she's almost 11 weeks pregnant. But while the doc there verified the number weeks by the size of the baby, she could not find a heartbeat. The doctor sent us over to Coptic Hospital to get a second opinion on a better ultrasound machine. Same result. 10 weeks, 4 days, no heartbeat.

Needless to say we were crushed by this news. We were so excited for a new huckababy and had just started telling some of loved ones and supporters our exciting news and asking them to pray for us. Please pray now for Tricia's health and that her body would naturally miscarry without the need of medical assistance. Pray for us in our grief and loss.

In God's great providence we also had an appointment this morning with social welfare. About 2 months ago (maybe more) we found out about two little brothers that were being adopted by an american family. After having custody of the boys for a week they changed their minds and sent them back to the orphanage. We applied to adopt them but were basically rebuffed and told "don't call us, we'll call you." Social welfare was very wary about trying to adopt the boys out to another american family after their last experience. We didn't hear from them for 7 weeks and had given up hope and although we were still praying that God would add those boys to our family we had almost decided that there was no way that it would happen. Then we had a call to come in immediately following our OB appointment. So today we went in and met the boys' social worker and found out that social welfare was eager for us to start the adoption process for the boys.

Obviously it's been one insane roller coaster of a day. Pray for us as we move forward with this adoption. We're sad and grieving and joyful and excited. We're still praising God no matter what. Because he is our rock and strength. If social welfare changes their minds, God is our rock and strength. We know that we are in the strong and good hands of our God who is sovereign. Our God who loves us. Our God that sent his Son to die for us when we were still lost in our sin. We are saddened, but our hope is found in Christ alone. We have joy in that hope. And we have the prayers of His people.

Pray for us.


So sorry about your roller coaster. Will be praying for peace and comfort for y'all. We do have a big God and He will sustain you and give you the grace you need. May He bless you with comfort, peace and health. Love you, Kathleene Carville

Anonymous said…
Kelly and Tricia

Praying for you through all of this. So thankful for your great confidence in God. You are an example to us all.


The Burkes