Adoption News!

We're so excited to share the news that on Tuesday we received a discharge letter from social welfare for these guys:
Emmanuel "Manny" age 4 & Joseph "Joe" age 7
These brothers have been on our radar for almost three months and we've been praying that God would add them to our family. We gave an official letter to social welfare 2 months ago asking to be considered for fostering to adopt. They'd already lived briefly with another american family who were planning on adopting them but they changed their minds and sent them back to the orphanage so social welfare was wary of placing the boys in an american family again. We told the social workers that we would pray and wait to hear from them. After 7 weeks of quiet from social welfare we got a sudden call to have a home assessment last friday and just a few days later:

Pray for all the legal stuff to go smoothly - we're still waiting for an official committal order and then the plan is to finish the three month fostering period and officially adopt them. Pray for an excellent relationship with our social worker who has been great. Pray for our family was we make this big transition and settle in together. Pray for grace and mercy and patience. Pray for us in bonding with these little guys, that they would be deeply attached to Tricia and I and to the other kids. Pray for our language skills to make another leap as the little does not understand or speak english. Pray that we can spend most of this month connecting transitioning to a family of 7. Just Pray!


MaryGross said…
Praise God!! This warms my heart to the core. May God bless your family greatly and bond you all even more tightly together. I will be praying for a smooth transition.