October Update Pt 5 (Life As We Know It)

Friends and Family,
Pray for us.
We're tired out.
We're blessed.
We're exhausted.
We've seen God do the seemingly impossible.
We've cried and complained and swore.
This month has been full of blog updates. Not because we had some special things happening around Ciyanjano. Not because we've had extra time to write and load pictures. But I wanted you to see this life of ministry we've been blessed with. This month was a bit busier than some others. But not really. We've been running flat out since we hit KK International a year ago this week and this is a pretty normal month in the life of the Huckabys at Ciyanjano. Visitors, hellos and goodbyes, joyful moments and heartbreaking ones. Pray for us.

Read the captions to find out more.

After 2.5 years with ACTION Zambia at Ciyanjano Tyler Dingman had his last day with us. He's moving on to marriage and bigger things but his willingness to step into the many gaps in my skill set and in my time limitations will be hugely missed. And he's been a wonderful friend to our family, our kids, the Ciyanjano staff and the Kasupe community. 
Here's one good reason we need a trained nurse for Ciyanjano involved in children's ministry. I've been treating a number of kids from Ciyanjano Bible Club for various maladies (mostly nasty ringworm infections). I've got no real training except for basic first-aid and wikipedia and huge pack of medical stuff graciously left for me by the BBC team.

Nurse Joy leads the way out to a stack flats in the bush to check in on some kids.

Kyle Hansen has been with us this week from ACTION USA, meeting with pastors, visiting homes and ministries and learning all about AZ and hopefully preparing to send us some more workers for the field! We're having a meal at the home of Joshphat M'tonga who is a pastor in APC and on our national staff training other pastors in our Discipleship 2:7 program.

Even though we'd just eaten our weight in Indian food we politely sat down to a pile of nsima, kapenta (dried fish) and rape. Man we were FULL!
Driving home from visiting some friends in the bush.
Celebrating Zambian Independence with friends! And cupcakes!!