Important AZ Team Changes

Hello faithful supporters, friends, readers and ACTION missionaries around the world. I just wanted to give you an important update about some staff changes to our ACTION Zambia missionary team and to give you our current line-up.

First, last month our AZ team said farewell to Andy and Beth Rice, a couple who were part of our Pastoral Leadership Development ministry for almost two years. They have returned to Virginia.

In February we welcomed Holly Moir to the team. She is now settled in her hut at Ciyanjano and beginning ministry tasks and even driving around the city (please pray for safety!).

So, for those of you who are interested in our ministries, our current line-up looks like this. Derek and Kristin Dearth (formerly of the CROSS project ministry) are leading our team as the Director. Tracy and Karen Singleton continue to lead the Pastoral Leadership Development ministry - running the pastors' college and discipleship groups. Kelly and I are here running camping, conference and kids' and youth programs at Ciyanjano and hosting short-term teams, and Holly is also here now helping with children's ministries like our Bible Club.

That's kind of a small team to do a LOT of big ministry. We are interested in recruiting more long-term/career missionaries for maintenance at Ciyanjano, children's ministries, pastor development, HIV/AIDS trainings, teacher training, youth ministry and more. If you are interested in long-term missions please check out ACTION International's Web site to find out more about how to inquire.

We currently have a family from Canada who have been serving in Zambia up north. They are very interested in joining ACTION Zambia to assist with pastor leadership development and have begun the steps to do so. We are excited about the possibility of them joining our team and we are asking that you would pray for them as they go through this process. God's will be done!

In fact, can we ask you to pray for protection and encouragement for our team, in general, as we go through transition after transition? Our lives in Zambia seem to be a series of hellos and good-byes. It is only by the power of the Holy Spirit that we can manage gracefully to see people off and also welcome people to the field. We need God's wisdom, patience, and power every day. And please do remember to pray for those missionaries who have left the field, that God would continue to guide them in his good and perfect will. Thank you, and God bless you as you pursue him in the good work he has planned for YOU!