Ciyanjano Bible Club Graduation

 Ciyanjano Bible Club started shortly after we moved out to Ciyanjano. Tricia couldn’t help seeing all the kids at Ciyanjano and in our community and the lack of solid Sunday school classes at surrounding churches. So three and a half years go she and young lady from the community (Auntie Judy) started Ciyanjano Bible Club with just about 25-30 kids. This quickly grew to 50 and is now 75 kids on Wednesdays and with the help of our missionary teammate Holly and our new national children’s workers we’ve started a Tuesday Club. But this last Wednesday we got to celebrate and graduate all the kids 12 and older to make room for new younger kids. Some of these 22 older kids have been faithfully attending CBC since the very beginning and a few are newer but all of them will be graduating into a special young teen Bible study starting in January that will be more appropriate for their age, experiences and questions. We invited all the graduating kids to bring two family members and we served a huge meal of chicken and rice, vegetables and cake. We presented the kids with beautiful certificates and new Bibles. Our leaders worked so hard and our director Derek Dearth and Tricia spoke and Uncle Juma translated. The kids came prepared with their own songs, memory verses and skit. It was a terrific night! Please pray for all these young teens that they would be just as faithful in our new study for them and that we would serve them well through our excellent national staff and Auntie Holly. Praise God for these beautiful and wonderful kids and for a great night honoring them.
Auntie Tricia and Uncle Juma start out after our slide show of CBC pics from the last 3 years.

ACTION Zambia Director, Derek Dearth gave an encouragement to the students with Uncle Juma translating

 A full house - 135 people plus leaders

Worship and memory verses from our graduates!

A great skit from Matthew 25:36-40

New Bible and Certificate for Janet!

Auntie Tricia passed out the Bibles and Certificate (w/Maureena)

A happy graduate you might recognize as the eldest daughter to Jailos Sakala.

Love this smile!


Janet Bales said…
Hey that's cool! Congrats!
Kimberly Wells said…
This is awesome. So exciting to hear the impact you are all making in the lives of these Zambian families. Praise God!!!