Have a very Champy Christmas!

Merry Christmas! We had the wonderful privilege of hosting our Ciyanjano Champs at our house for a special Champy Christmas party. We had such a great time. For those of you who know any of the youths in our discipleship program, I'm sure you can imagine the fun we had together.

We kicked off the program with a round of "Who's Your Daddy?" which is my super favorite group game that we used to play all the time with the youth ministry team at Cornwall Church. It was such a blast to teach the game to the Champs and they enjoyed it. I was impressed with their skills.

The ladies lining up to grab their ribs and other delicious grub

After our game we played a gift game, sort of like a White Elephant but with nicer gifts. Everyone walked away with something fun that night.

Uncle Abraham was especially excited about his socks, but they were soon stolen during the game!

Aunty Josephine liked her new glasses and drink mix

Aunty Holly showed off her new tupperware containers

We love Christmas! We love the Champs!

Ciyanjano's Champ youth discipleship program has been quite what we hoped it would be this year - a good opportunity for Kelly, Juma, and Holly to work more together; a time of investing in Zambian youths interested in children's ministry; and a time of training cabin leaders for kids' camps at Ciyanjano. Please pray for our 12 Champs and the leaders that God would continue to take them deeper into his word in 2016.