Christmas Camp!

Last week we had an overnight Christmas party at Ciyanjano. Forty kids from a local orphanage and another 20 from Mtendere Baptist rounded out 4 cabins worth of kids + our Champs and a few extra leaders from Mtendere. Our program was essentially a story of the original meaning of Christmas. Of the witness the shepherds brought to Joseph and Mary from Angelic heralds, of own love of Jesus and our need to share and witness to others as we go along in life. The camp was a really fun but actually very exhausting due to lots of external pressure - Juma was getting married at the end of the week. We also found out that we did not do enough planning and were not quite prepared as should have been. But the kids never knew and we had great local group of worship artists lead worship that night and the kids loved it. Many kids at the end of camp expressed interest in becoming followers of Jesus and we lead to their leaders at their churches and at the orphanage to talk to them more about Christ and what it means to belong to Him. We also learned our own strengths and weaknesses and saw some tough stuff between leaders as our dealing with keeping time and moving forward with grace and who was in charge of what all came to together in a usual messy way. It was, I hope a good learning experience for everyone. Pray for the Champs as we plan for a 5 day camp in April and for the kids who desired to give over their lives to Christ - that leaders in their local church will disciple and lead them. Pray for grace as we move forward as team. And finally pray for a Children's ministry leadership couple to join ACTION Zambia to help us lead and grow this ministry which has more opportunity for growth than can be imagined. The harvest is great and the workers are few. 
small group discussion
Uncle Richard breaks it down
small group breakout
small group 2
small group 3
at the nsaka
Boys group
girls group having fun and dancing and singing
boys talk
fun with the parachute!