Upcoming Home Assignment

The first part of 2016 had been full of adventure for us at Ciyanjano. We've wrapped up our Champs program and now have 10 of the original fourteen that started the group early last year on our staff and able to serve as competent cabin leaders for camps. We had a great youth camp here last month where the Champs team really strutted their stuff.

The Sakalas' house remodel is finished and they have moved into their place again. They are super stoked on their now 3-bedroom house.

Because of a number of factors we also added multiple security measures this year that have everyone on the property, including visiting church groups, feeling safer and more confident. We are praying for peace during the upcoming election, but we are happy to have much stronger security just in case.

After 2 and a 1/2 years in Zambia this term we have decided to bump our home assignment up from next year to this. The boys' adoption is complete and we received their Zambian passports today (Thank You, Jesus!!!!!!!) Another thing, Kelly has a knee injury and we thought he might require surgery. We have been praying that he would only require physical therapy and had a great visit with an orthopedic surgeon yesterday who confirmed that will likely be the case. So, we are very pleased about that and think a 6-month home assignment to get Kelly back in shape is the right choice. 

We are so excited to visit the States with our larger family. It is definitely time for the boys to meet all of our family and friends. At the same time, we are happy that we will be back in Zambia before the end of this year, refreshed and ready for ministry. Please pray with us that God will order all of our steps for this home assignment and that we will be able to accomplish all that we need to while getting some much needed rest.

Thank you! And perhaps we will see you soon.