Our First Week on Home Assignment

We have totally and completely enjoyed our first week back in the good ole U. S. of A. The trip here was long and exhausting (of course) but the kids held up pretty well and we and our luggage all made it to Seattle safe and sound with only a few things missing.

Our friend Jordan picked us up with burgers and fries and a sweet van for us to use, and took us to my mom's house in Alger. Praise God and thank you, Leviens. Amazingly, it has not been very difficult for me to drive the van and switch to the other side of the road. The roads are INCREDIBLE and there is basically no traffic where we are.

We have really adjusted quickly and have had a restful week at my mom's place. God even blessed us with a couple of really warm days so that we could go swimming at Cain Lake! That's our kind of welcome home. Then we had some good, drizzling rain that reminded us exactly what Washington is best known for.

Last Sunday we were welcomed at Alger Community Church when we decided to stick close to my mom's house. This weekend we were SO happy to worship at Cornwall Church on Saturday night and at Oikos Church this Sunday morning. We love the family of God!!!!! The smiles and encouraging words have been great and so appreciated.

To all of our good friends in Zambia, we are already missing you! But please know that we are being very well taken care of and having some restful time that was really needed. The kids are excited to be with Grandma and they have already made many friends. They were especially shocked to see white sugar and white eggs.

Kelly had a great appointment about his knee and will make an appointment with a physical therapist. I have started my own sort of physical therapy by doing easy jogs at one of my favorite places:  Lake Padden. The quiet time alone with the Lord getting some much-needed exercise has been very therapeutic for me!

Thank you for all of your kind prayers!!! If you would like to see us and you haven't yet given us your number, please email us at thehuckabyfamily@gmail.com with details about when you are most free and a phone number where we can reach you. We are excited to connect with you!