Container Project Update

We are nearing the end of our home assignment and have made exciting progress on our container library project. We have received more than 50 boxes of books for the library, bookshelves, tables & chairs, cushions, and more to organize a great library/tutoring/study space! We are especially thankful to the B'ham Value Village for hooking us up with so many helpful items.

Also, according to October's reports, we have raised $11,000 of the $12,000 or so we need in shipping money. So we are almost there folks! Please consider making a gift to help us reach our shipping goal. It is well worth is to get all these exciting supplies and the container itself to Ciyanjano.

We love Katy, our Usborne rep, who helped us get lots of great Usborne reference books for the library project. 

Sure, it looks messy, but it is full of awesome supplies!

Books, books, Bibles, and more books!

These don't look like much, but when we unload these super big canopy frames and set them up at Ciyanjano Camp they will provide an excellent covered area for groups to use for mealtimes, meetings, or games. Our 40-ft. container allows us to bring large and heavy supplies that we would not ship alone.

This box is one of Tricia's most exciting purchases for Ciyanjano! A super cool mulching machine from Carl's in Ferndale. She is so excited to mulch like crazy at the property. Great soil, here we come!

Check this out Football Club. Our Champs asked for new footballs and we will deliver. Uncle Dustin's church in Olympia donated these great soccer balls for football club!

The container isn't full yet, but that is because we are saving a lot of space for some of the most exciting supplies we are bringing back - we have 3 storage shed kits that we will be loading into the container. Added storage is going to be a huge help around the property!
But that's not all. There are a few more fun surprises in this container, but we don't want to spoil the surprise for our staff. You will have to stay tuned for when the container arrives after the new year and we unload it. It will be like second Christmas at Ciyanjano!!! Thank you to SimpleBox, Koinonia, and all the other folks who have made this possible!!!!