Dec 2016, Jan & Feb 2017

Since arriving back in Lusaka we have been taking time to settle back into life here (fighting termites, weeding gardens, eating nsima) and diving into ministry. Here is a quick look at what has been going on for the Huckaby family and Ciyanjano:

Bible Club is always one of our favorite things in the whole wide world. In December we hosted kids for an open house at our place and then in January we started Tuesday and Wednesday Bible Clubs up again. We are hoping to start a new Bible Club mid-year.

During the Christmas season we had a fabulous time catching up with our Champs and friends around Kasupe and in the city.

We even made new friends, hosting two high school-age teens.

We've enjoyed spending time with many ministry partners.

In January it was quite a project getting the kids all ready for school. They are now attending a small, private Zambian school out about 30 minutes from our place. They are loving it, and Tricia is loving a break from home school.

We have had a marvelous rainy season (God is SO good!) and we have done a bit of landscaping work around the front of the property as well as started a large foundation/patio to give us more usable space in the campground. It will have a small stage and flower beds.

In February Tricia hosted the teen girl Bible Study for a sexual abstinence and healthy relationships workshop (and a tasty lunch).

The Huckaby kids have also spent an enormous amount of time eating mangoes, guavas, passionfruit, and avocados over the rainy season. And, they have spent a lot of time playing with friends and being silly (as usual).

2017 is shaping up to be an exciting year here at Ciyanjano. Please remember to pray for our Bible Clubs and Bible Studies, our Champs, our brand new group of Champs starting right now, our mens' and women's Bible studies, our projects around the property, and camps. And most of all, please pray that God's Word would be faithfully taught and that God would be glorified in all that we are doing. 
Thank you!