Early Christmas with our container arrival!!!

After a long, thoughtful struggle with bringing over a container, our container for Ciyanjano Reading Room finally arrived on Friday! What a relief and a blessing!

Before I go on to describe this upcoming project, I just have to testify to the power of Jesus! I am so thankful that I know and love and worship the God who loves me and listens to my prayers. It is so amazing that God takes notice of the likes of us, and even works on our behalf in this world. I am just absolutely blissful that our container is finally here, but above all else I am constantly astonished and overwhelmed at the goodness of our God through Jesus his son. Amen!

We will be converting the 40ft. container, donated by SimpleBox in Washington, into a small study and reading space. Local students, teachers and pastors will be invited to use the well-stocked library for studying, preparing lessons, or writing sermons and lectures. My goal for 2018 is to hire and train two attendants for the library so that we will be frequently open, and even able to give tutoring help. We also intend to have a weekly story hour for the kindergarten-age children around Ciyanjano.

This is a fun and practical way to encourage reading in our community. We will also have math tutoring and perhaps can add other subjects as well. If you are interested in giving to this project, please email us at thehuckabyfamily@gmail.com. We are looking for one-time gifts for adding a patio and picnic tables at the side of the container. And, we are praying for a few monthly sponsors to cover the cost of the attendants' salaries. Please consider giving to this valuable community project!

In addition to all the supplies necessary for setting up the reading room, the container was filled up with shed kits and bicycles for Camp Ciyanjano and for Breath of Heaven Children's Village. Our staff had an early Christmas when they received their "bonuses" of donated bicycles and helmets. It was such a blast, and a moment we have been looking forward to for a long time!

SPECIAL THANKS to everyone who helped with this container project while we were in the States last year. God bless each one of you!!!!