Spotlight on Pastor Cosmos Tembo

Pastor Cosmos Tembo has been part of our staff for years now working with ACTION Zambia's (AZ) Pastor Leaders Development ministry. He underwent training with AZ and went on to become part of our team, passing all that he learned onto other pastors and church leaders. He works hard leading discipleship groups for AZ in the compounds using the D2:7 materials while at the same time doing the very good work of pastoring a church.

Recently I had the privilege of visiting Pastor Tembo's church and hearing him preach. I was very impressed and so pleased to know that he is such a sound, Biblical preacher. My visit was a pleasure, especially because tomorrow we will be conducting a Christmas outreach in partnership with his church and this allowed me to get to know his congregation better. ACTION International fields all over the world do Christmas outreaches each year and we are pumped to partner with Pastor Tembo's church to share the gospel with unchurched kids in his community.

The program will have a craft, a meal, teaching, games and more. Please pray along with us that all the children that come will be good soil for the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ. This is also an event where many of our new Champs will be helping alongside our veteran leaders, so please pray that the new leaders will have a good learning experience and that new and old leaders alike will be effective ministers of the gospel. We want tomorrow to be a blessing to this wonderful Zambian pastor and his congregation!