The food in mexico is pretty much the best. Last week we were at the centro mercado in a little town called Jocotopec on lake Chapala. We had these salads that were unbelievable. Julianed carrots, jicima, cucumbers, mangos and beets piled high on a little tray and covered with a mild chili sauce. One of the most refreshing and delicious things I've ever had. Last night we had the famous PV fish tacos. Fresh mahi mahi hand rolled in a flour batter and fried in corn oil, placed on warm, fresh tortillas spread with a little lime mayo and then piled with pickled onions, carrots, lettuce, avacado, and pinapple salsa; a dollar a piece! I still have mixed feelings about the molcajete. It's a stone bowl placed in the oven until it is hotter than the devil's pajamas. Then they line it cheese and pour a saucy mixture of meat and veggies on top. The cheese closest to the food melts and mixes with the saucy mix, bubbling over the sides and creating the richest cheese sauce/chunky fondo thingy you've ever had. The cheese closest to the hot stone gets crispy like fried cheese and you can break off pieces to dip into the cheesy sauce and you can feel your heart slowing as it labors to pump the greasy goodness to your soon-to-be chubby extremities. Tricia's dad would love it more than anything in the world - fried cheese dipped in cheesy meat sauce! Anyway, lots of walking and swimming in the ocean are the only things that may keep me from becoming obese.