whole lotta nothin'

Conservatives are always complaining that the country is running out of room for people-"too many immigrants!" Liberals are like, "too many humans - period." These people need to drive I-5 from Sacramento to Bakersfield. Right on I-5 there are long stretches of road with nothing but knee-high weeds (Next gas 42 miles). Drive from San Diego to Texas and you see the same thing - hundreds of miles of nothing. OK, so these areas have little water and lots of snakes, but this country is still pretty damn empty. Check out the map sometime between San Antonio and Guadalajara. Sure there are a couple of large cities. But I can tell you that massive stretches of Mexico's buisiest highways are essentially empty. Exept for deer. I hit one coming accross the border. It was sad, but it jumped over a fence afterward, so maybe it's alright.